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Jim Tom Wattenburger
Jim Tom Wattenburger


Jim Tom Wattenburger


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Amarillo, TX USA
Spouse/Partner NA
Occupation Superintendent of Operations
Children Blake Mack Wattenburger, born 1982
Lydia Marie Wesley, born 1984
Jack Kent Wattenburger, born More…1986

I have 5 wonderful granddaughters that have me wrapped.

School Story

I will not incriminate any other classmates, I was a Film Aid the period just before Lunch. After starting the film we aids went out in the hall and while visiting Mr. Cleland who's classroom was just across the hall kept coming out and telling us to be QUIET! The last time he ordered me to the office and I refused which infuriated him. He turned and locked the class room door and stormed off to the office.
While he was gone someone had some super glue and "someone" started soaking the key lock in the door knob, the hinges, etc.
When he returned he informed me that I was in BIG trouble. He tried unlocking the door to no avail. He kept trying and trying, then started shouting at the students to Stop holding the door knob!!!!!
I don't know if anyone remembers but it took the rest of the next two periods before they could remove the door frame to allow the students freedom.
Some 20 years later Mr. Bill Bolk said to me with a smile, "I have to know did you do it"? Do What I said??? 😂🤣


Five (5) Granddaughters

Taytum Elizabeth Wesley
Madilyn Rae Wesley
Keltie Kate Wesley
Harlow Jane Wattenburger
Emerson Mack Wattenburger

What is on your "Bucket List" for the future?

Sell everything, purchase a large sailboat and live out off the east coast. Sail wherever, Mexico, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, ?? ........

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